Here are some of my other projects.
Paul J Hamel
2851 Amatista Court
Palm Springs, CA 92264
Living in “Hollywood” it was
inevitable that I would get involved
in film making.

I am an executive producer of a new
short film,
Lock Box.  I also have a
short acting role. Mike Breyer wrote,
produced, and acted in it. All of the
filming has been completed, and it
is in the editing process.  It should
be finished in October.  

To view some back-of-the-camera
photos and to see who else is in the
movie, go to the film's website

I also created the poster for the film
using Adobe InDesign and
I created a new elective course, Oral Fluency, for advanced
level international student in the Intensive Academic English
Program at UCLA Extension. The course was designed for
students who have graduated from universities in their
countries and are now preparing themselves for advanced
degrees at the American Language Center at UCLA

Here are two e-books that I have created for the class.
To download copies, click on the link below each.

These books are for your personal use and should not be
sold or shared without my permission.  To see my other ESL
e-books, go to my other website by clicking on the tab above.
Home: 760-413-1465
Mobile: 310-991-2374
Click here to go to the
LOCK BOX website.
ESL eBooks for Advanced Students
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Here's a copy of my new book.
I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon between 1969 and 1972.  After 43 years I
returned to Cameroon in 2013 to see how the country has changed.  When I came back
home, I decided to write a book about my trip.  This is still a draft so you might find
some errors.  I’d appreciate any feedback and/or corrections. I hope you enjoy it.
Cameroon Stamp Collection
This outstanding collection of Cameroonian stamps is one of the largest of its kind.  Rarely does
such an almost-complete collection come up for sale. The is an excellent investment due to the
number of rare early issues present in the collection as well as many hard-to-find recent issues.  
The collection contains 2,026 stamps with a catalog value of over $11,000.  The stamps are
displayed on black stock sheets in a three-hold binder. Each stamp has been individually
identified by date of issue, Scott’s catalog numbers, condition, catalog value, and date when the
value was determined. Older stamps are mounted in individual clear mounts. For more
information, contact Paul J. Hamel at 760-413-1465 or at  

$6,000 (or best offer)
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the album.
Click here to view the eBook.
My Life in Bafia, Cameroon
Memories of a Peace Corps Volunteer from 1969-1972
Here's a copy of another book.
Cameroon Travel Adventure
Imagine being very, very far away from home in a small town in the middle of Africa with no
Internet, no television, no phone, no electricity, no running water, no car, and no paved
roads. That was life in Bafia in the 1970s.
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